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Nitrile gloves Protégé - Nitrile gloves Robust - Nitrile gloves Bold - Nitrile gloves Ignite

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Important Notice - ALENA

Important Notice – ALENA

In connection with NAFTA, Medi-Select wishes to inform its customers of the risk of increased costs for certain products originating in the United States in 2019.

If an agreement is not reached between Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping after the additional 90 days granted, several companies such as Medicom - Crosstex - Graham and others that have their plants on American soil will suffer price increases.


In reference, an article in Le Devoir:

Shanghai — Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agreed on Saturday to a truce in the trade war that threatens economies of their countries, but analysts point out that this pause does not yet resolve the fundamental problems of their economic rivalry. Under the agreement reached on Saturday at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, the White House announced that it would postpone by 90 days a tariff increase on Chinese imports. At the same time, China has committed to increasing U.S. imports. The increase in tariffs between China and the United States since the spring has already weighed on global growth. The IMF estimates that, in the short term, global GDP could be reduced by 0.75% if trade tensions were to increase further.

Holidays Schedule


Holidays Schedule 2018-2019


Monday December 24th 2018 - Closed

Tuesday December 25th 2018 - Closed

Wednesday December 26th 2018 - Closed

Thursday December 27th 2018 - Open

Friday December 28th 2018 - Open



Monday December 31st 2018 - Closed

Tuesday  January 1st 2019 - Closed

Wednesday January 2nd 2019 - Closed

Thursday January 3rd 2019 - Open

Friday January 4th 2019 - Open


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